Take Away the Winter Blues with These Café Planters

housewarming planter gift

Looking for ways to brighten up the home during this cold winter season? For a full tutorial on how to make these easy handpainted Cafe Planters check out my guest post on My Halal Kitchen. These also make lovely housewarming gifts.  Who wouldn’t like some green in their home?



Handmade Gift for a Princess!

Hafsa Gift

Sewing has always been one of my passions.  I’m not the best but I do like getting creative and try new ideas.

Hafsa Gift 3  

When my niece was just 2 month, I sewed her these little soft shoes.  I had never made booties before but I figured I would try it out.  Not bad for the first time…

Hafsa Gift 2

I also made this little pillowcase top along with a matching bib.  Sewing miniature clothes can be much easier to sew because of it’s small scale.

Try it out some day!


PS.  I’ll post the tutorials one day soon!