Not All Soaps Are Created Equal


Not all artisan soaps are created equal…

Did you ever read the ingredients on your bar soap? A common inexpensive ingredient found in bar soaps is TALLOW which is rendered from animal fat such as beef or mutton but could also contain lard (from pork) according to industry standards ( Although, many people speak of it’s moisturizing benefits, it is not considered vegan.

If tallow is not your cup of tea – which isn’t mine either – please read your labels!


There are several names used for tallow which could be hiding in your bar soap, the latter being less apparent than the first 2. Here’s what to look for in the list of ingredients:

Beef Tallow
Sodium Tallowate

So, if you are looking for pure vegan luxury soaps, keep your eyes open for these animal-sourced ingredients. At The Olive Tree Soap Company, I use only high quality vegan oils and butters to nourish your family’s skin.


Happy Cleansing!